Core Values

ACEPEX is guided by a specific set of essential values that set our firm apart. Each of these values shape our corporate culture and defines the character of our company and of our people:

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

The personal and collective safety and health of customers, clients, and employees is our paramount concern.  Each employee is responsible for occupational safety and health.  Each person of authority is responsible for the safety and health of the employees under his or her supervision.

ACEPEX maintains a Corporate Safety and Health Office that provides OSHA 30 hour, US Army Corp of Engineers EM 385-1-1 (2014) 40 hour, Competent Person for Fall Protection, Confined Space and other vital training.  We maintain an excellent safety and health program through the following leading indicator methods:

  • Management Dedication and Commitment, Leading by Example
  • Employee Involvement in all Features of Safety and Health
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Hazard assessment;
  • Training, Training and More Training
  • Communication- from all levels of company
  • Incentivizing Good Ideas
  • Avoiding Complacency- keeping things fresh and safety top of mind
  • Offering Client Involvement in Learning Activities

Putting People First

As a service business, our greatest asset is our people. ACEPEX hires only qualified, experienced and service-driven employees. ACEPEX emphasizes employee advocacy in recognition of our site and corporate operations.

 Respect For Individuals

ACEPEX emphasizes a positive, professional and productive work environment for all our employees. Each employee is seen as an individual, with appropriate respect given to the unique contributions that each of them can make to our  business. We expect our employees to extend this same respect to others within our company, to our clients’ personnel  and in all other aspects of their working relationships.

Client Service 

We are committed to providing quality, solutions-driven, services at a fair cost to all of our clients.

Customer Service

ACEPEX considers anyone who uses the facilities that we maintain, particularly including the general public, to be our customers.


ACEPEX is committed to global diversity. We provide opportunities for success by attracting, developing and retaining world-class people.


ACEPEX measures excellence in terms of customer satisfaction. We understand that our clients’ perceptions become the facts that define our work, thus we strive to ensure their complete satisfaction with every engagement.


Teamwork is the key to effective problem-solving. We consciously “partner” with our clients in order to create an atmosphere where working together for success becomes everyone’s focus.


We understand the needs for a strong work ethic, continuing education and solid communication skills. These are the foundations for professionalism that each of our employees is strongly encouraged to develop and maintain.


Our everyday actions are based upon an internally-consistent framework of principles and values. We understand that integrity is more than just a word, it is a daily practice.


Trust is a relationship of reliance. Our employees and our clients rely on us to comply with all policies, laws and ethical/professional codes in the performance of our work and we consistently honor that reliance.